Software Testing and Automation

Simplifying test automation, speeding releases

Avake offers comprehensive software testing consulting and implementation services. By partnering with Avake on software testing, businesses can enhance their software quality, drastically reduce time to market, and significantly increase the testing ROIs.

Service Offerings

  • Core Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Testing on Mobile/Smart Devices
  • Security Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Globalization Testing
  • Accessibility Testing (Visually Challenged)
  • Test Automation

Key Differentiators

Innovation in Testing

Our deep experience in testing continuously encourages our team to develop better ways to test and automate the repetitive testing tasks.

Automation Testing Service

We offer a testing automation service, BeatBilp, that empowers businesses to achieve test automation without investing big dollars on licensing, training and specialized resources. BeatBlip consistently delivers measureable results to our clients.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Over a decade of industry experience in successful partnerships, Avake has also created a collaborative ecosystem by partnering with key players in testing so that you have access to a suite of testing solutions and a strong pool of competent Testing professionals.

Passionate about Quality

Our IT team has a wide-ranging industry experience across several domains and is passionate aboutimproving quality of your products.

How BeatBlip Empowered Testing Professionals to Automate Quickly

A team of test engineers was faced with multiple challenges. The product that they were testing was highly complex and therefore chance of them missing on many scenarios was high. Quality of the product was at risk as more and more leakages were reported by the client with every release. Tight deadlines exacerbated the problem so the team started looking for a tool that can help automate repetitive tasks.

After evaluating various tools, and learning about the cost and the training time required to adopt such tools, the team leader gave up the idea. However, the challenges didn't disappear. BeatBlip offered them what they were looking for. Without need to learn scripting languages, paying for license fees, the team could start using BeatBlip to automate its test case and the last we know they have already automated over one thousand test cases in short time.

Partner With Us

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing software product or planning to build one from scratch, Avake can assist you in your pursuit.