Case Studies

Proven track record of helping small to large enterprises in meeting their business goals

Avake takes great pride in contributing to the success of several companies. Our leadership team looks at every engagement as an opportunity to create significant value proposition and to build a long term partnership based on trust and consistent superior performance.

Client Success Stories

A site builder company that was later acquired by a large corporation

A start-up company wanted to build a website builder solution for users who are not very tech savy. The company team size: 8-10 people.


The company has a limited budget and wanted to launch the service in a short time so that it can exploit its innovative idea by being first-to-market.

How Avake Helped

We believed in the vision of the founder and immediately became a part of the extended team of the company. We offered development and testing services to get the product off the ground in record time. The client was successful in presenting the product to a large corporation who found it very compelling and the client company got acquired. Post acquisition, our team continued to support the product with new features, enhancements, testing and bug fixes.

The search giant company

The global search leader was seeking to build a service for online retailers. The service would enable online retailers on various leading marketplaces such as ebay, Amazon, etc. to export their listings to the search database and make it searchable on Google Product Search (now Google Shopping search).


The client engaged our team to build a scalable service that empowers thousands of online retailers. The company desired a new approach to the solution so that users do not have to add their login information for each of the marketplace accounts they maintain. The product should be developed as a destktop based solution.

How Avake Helped

We offered a disruptive approach to develop this service. The solution we built was not only easy to use and efficient in aggregating the content but also made maintenance very easy given the dynamic nature of source web sites.

A leading price optimization solution provider company

A VC funded early-stage fast growing company with a strong customer base of retail industry. The company team size: 75-100 people


The company had a bad experience with its offshore partner who developed the initial product. The challenge before the company was to find a right-size outsourcing partner who can offer senior management attention to the product development and has a proven track record of delivering software and testing services to early stage and growth companies.

How Avake Helped

Avake was initially engaged by the company to help find the right outsourcing partner who has both locally and offshore presence. We helped the client to develop the optimum sourcing model that has extended development teams who work with the company product heads directly. The client has a complex product and to reduce testing time we also built for them a test automation strategy and helped them execute the same.

A leading transaction management solution provider

A Transaction Management Platform for the real estate agents and brokers. The company offers the service as Software as a Service (SaaS) model and has been facing challenges with its current team to scale the product. The company size: 20-30 people.


The client has been witnessing tremendous growth in its business. However, it found that the product was not designed to handle the scale and hence the website started experiencing performance related issues. The company also found that its hosting infrastructure was not ready to handle the near future growth.

How Avake Helped

We were engaged by the company to take over the product and address the issues related to scale and performance. Our first task was to migrate its solution to a cloud based hosting environment. Migrating terabytes of data from a local machine to cloud was not an easy task as it entailed down time and fraught with other risks. Our team created a migration strategy for the client and meticulously executed it to ensure a smooth transition. We also reviewed the architecture and design of the solution.

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